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A young girl playing the violin in a room of other musicians led by a conductor
This program requires application before ticket package purchase.

Explore the fundamentals of performing with a Disney clinician and play a short segment set to a Disney animated film. For elementary through high school bands with up to 2 years playing experience.

  • Walt Disney World, Florida
  • Year-Round
  • Elementary
  • Starting Price

Workshop Overview

During this 90-minute instrumental workshop, students will reinforce existing skills and develop new ones. This workshop is designed for band and orchestra students with 1–2 years of playing experience. Beloved Disney music will be the conduit for learning in this engaging class where your ensemble will learn to perform a brief musical piece accompanied by footage from a classic Disney animated film.

Musicians discover rehearsal and performance-enhancing techniques from a top Disney clinician as they:

  • Sight-read Disney music arrangements ranging from Grades .5 to 2
  • Perfect embouchure formation and improve performance
  • Practice exercises to develop better breath control
  • Discover strategies for sight-reading new pieces of music
  • Explore the physics of sound and pitch, including blending and balance
  • Learn to maximize melodic lines by watching the conductor and being sensitive to musical content
  • Develop a feel for tempo and musical pulse
    • Chairs, stands, amps, a piano and all large percussion instruments are provided. Music is scored for standard concert band instruments. Your Disney clinician will select music appropriate for your group's grade level in order to achieve success within a short rehearsal period. Workshop content may be adjusted by the clinician to better fit your group's skill level.

      Recommended for beginning, middle school and junior high bands and orchestras.

      National Core Arts Standards

      Disney Performing Arts Workshops fulfill many of the National Core Arts Standards for creation, performing, responding and connecting. Review the standards explored through this experience.


How to Apply

Submit your completed Disney Performing Arts Application to us at least 8 weeks before the requested date of your event. (Application materials can be accepted up to one year in advance.)

Please note: You must apply and receive confirmation of acceptance before purchasing your tickets!

Groups planning to visit during our peak season—February 14 through May 2, 2020: Please read our guidelines for Disney Performing Arts and Festival Disney experiences.