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A teen choir singing as they’re led by a conductor
This program requires application before ticket package purchase.

Record an excerpt from a Disney animated feature film's soundtrack, learn audition skills, discover vocal techniques and more under the guidance of a professional Disney vocalist.

  • Walt Disney World, Florida
  • Year-Round
  • Middle–Junior High
    High School

Workshop Overview

Performers experience the exhilaration—and the demands—of being a professional performer as they prepare music for a soundtrack recording session. During this 2 1/2-hour program, your group will record a song and dialogue from a Disney animated feature film's soundtrack in a fast-paced recording studio environment.

Performers will also examine the skills, attitudes and priorities required for vocal performance excellence as they:

  • Learn the music and basic choreography from a real Disney production number
  • Learn vocal techniques to improve diction and produce unified vowel sounds using 3- and 4-part music
  • Develop better breath control through good posture
  • Examine varied musical styles and how different vocal production techniques are required in the music industry
  • Discover audition tips to increase your chances of success
  • Learn how to be flexible in your approach to songs and voiceovers
  • Discuss the requirements of a studio recording environment and what is expected of performers

All music is provided at the workshop and taught by your Disney clinician and accompanist. The music selected is scored to your group's ability level to ensure final performance success. Choreography is limited to movement on choral risers.

Recommended for middle school, junior high and high school choral ensembles.

National Core Arts Standards

Disney Performing Arts Workshops fulfill many of the National Core Arts Standards for creation, performing, responding and connecting. Review the standards explored through this experience.


How to Apply

Submit your completed Disney Performing Arts Application to us at least 8 weeks before the requested date of your event. (Application materials can be accepted up to one year in advance.)

Please note: You must apply and receive confirmation of acceptance before purchasing your tickets!