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Performers wearing shirts featuring a Mickey Mouse logo
This program requires application before ticket package purchase.

Learn how to create characters, improvise and project professionalism on stage using proven performance techniques designed to boost the confidence of any actor.

  • Walt Disney World, Florida
  • Year-Round
  • Elementary
    Middle–Junior High
    High School

Workshop Overview

Designed for all levels of actors, this 90-minute workshop provides students with the building blocks of theater, while exploring performance and storytelling techniques. Your Disney teaching artist will focus on tapping into the student's unique voice to develop his/her performance abilities. Students also learn to build confidence, develop improvisational skills and maintain professionalism on the stage.

Your group will engage in stimulating discussions and acting exercises as they:

  • Master the building blocks of basic theater, performance and storytelling techniques
  • Create and develop unique characters
  • Practice improvisational skills while discovering how to maintain professionalism on stage
  • Learn basic audition techniques

National Core Arts Standards

Disney Performing Arts Workshops fulfill many of the National Core Arts Standards for creation, performing, responding and connecting. Review the standards explored through this experience.


How to Apply

Submit your completed Disney Performing Arts Application to us at least 8 weeks before the requested date of your event. (Application materials can be accepted up to one year in advance.)

Please note: You must apply and receive confirmation of acceptance before purchasing your tickets!